Do you deliver to other suburbs?

Yes, we do deliver to suburbs out of Burwood. We ensure that all your products are packed safely and delivered straight to your doorstep in good condition.
How much does the delivery cost?

How much is the delivery cost for out of Burwood?

The delivery charge varies from suburb to suburb. Please refer to our delivery location guide for more information.

Do you have Sri Lankan spices?

Yes. We have an assortment of fresh Sri Lankan spices that are packed and ready for delivery.

Is parking available at the store?

 Yes, ample parking that is secure and safe for all our customers who wish to shop for with us.

Where are the fruits & vegetables sourced from?

Our fruits & vegetables are sourced from Australian fresh farms and adhere to Australian quality standards.

Are these products free of pesticides?

Yes, we ensure that all our products are pesticide-free.

Are you open on weekends?

We are open from Monday to Saturday (9 am- 6 pm) and closed on Sundays.


Do you have a mobile app?

No, we do not have a mobile app for now. Please continue to check with us as we expand our services for your convivence in the future.